Welcome Back!



We were excited to welcome back so many students and parents to our meet and greet on Friday, August 21st. Students and parents were diligently bringing their supplies and materials to their classrooms and were eager to meet their new teachers. Many students were also thrilled see their previous teachers and most important catch up with their friends.

Ada Merritt PTA and SIPA (Spanish International Parent Association) had tables greeting parents, teachers and students as they entered the school through the main driveway. Parents were just as excited to get their children settled with all their materials and made sure to sign up for the PTA and SIPA. PIPA (Portuguese International Parent Association) representatives visited the classrooms and welcomed parents back within their classrooms providing instruction and information for students in the Portuguese program to get their books for the school year.

It was also wonderful to see our administrators who were visiting the classrooms as well as the custodial staff and security diligently working hard to have the school ready. The floors were polished and all the classrooms glowed with cleanliness.

The teachers had their classrooms immaculate with all the bulletin boards and their beautiful borders and glowing paper; however, heart of it all was missing and we will see soon the fruits of all the students hard work and dedication displayed beautifully in our hallways for students and parents to enjoy.

It’s going to be a fantastic year!