Thank you parents! FUNRUN was a total success!

Team Ada Merritt Parent Lions –
Your attendance at this event was overwhelming!! (Now, we know how to get you to our PTA Meetings.Smiley)
Our kids were beyond excited at this event, and determined to complete 35 laps!
See the pictures here and on our
This over-the-top event has brought in pledges from 21 countries and 27 states, and is just a few steps away from reaching our goal.
SmileyNow…We Need to Make Our Pledges Come to Life!
– Pledges are due Feb 5th , and you can still receive new pledges until then.  
– Please reach out to those that have pledged (email, Facebook, twitter, phone calls, text)
– Let them know how many laps your child has completed, and
– they can complete their donation.
*Please note -Sponsors will not receive an update email from Boosterthon. Boosterthon gives parents the first chance to contact Sponsors.
Ways to Complete Their Donation
– Sponsors can go back to the original confirmation email, and click the link to pay by credit card
– Send a check – Payable to Ada Merritt PTA
– Cash
*Students received envelopes today.
Here are some final pledge stats:
  • States: 27
  • Countries: 21
  • Participation:  90%
  • Log on Percentage: 90%
  • # of Pledges:  84%
  • Top Class: Hernandez  ($150/lap) Congrats!

Thank you again for all you do, and we hope you continue to use the Community Rocks Leadership Skills!