PTA Purpose & Goals

"Together we can make a difference"
Why Have a PTA?…as defined by National PTA….Every individual who is a member of the Ada Merritt PTA is by virtue of that fact, a member of the National PTA.The National PTA highlighted six standards it believes are essential for any school program involving parents and families. The standards are designed to help educators and PTA program administrators incorporate parents in their child’s learning process.

The six factors identified by the National PTA are:

  • Regular, two-way, meaningful communication between home and school.
  • Promotion and support of parenting skills.
  • Active parent participation in student learning.
  • Parents as welcome volunteer partners in schools.
  • Parents as full partners in school decisions that affect children and families.
  • Outreach to the community for resources to strengthen schools.


Proposed Emphasis for AMK-8 PTA for 2013 – 2014

This year, some of our PTA goals are to:

  • Supplement teaching resources and supplies for our language programs,
  • Enhance the arts and sciences program.
  • Support safety and security measures.
  • Work with the administration, PIPA, and SIPA to streamline identifying/addressing  current school needs.
  • Acquire additional computer resources and technology upgrades for students.
  • Continued support for student award and reward programs.