Miami Dade County Executive Board says ” Suspend FSA Test Accountability”

Miami Dade County Council Executive Board Says “Suspend FSA Test Accountability”

After hearing compelling testimony from parents and teachers, the Executive Board of Miami Dade PTA/PTSA voted during its March 2015 meeting to ask the Florida Board of Education and the Florida Legislature to suspend accountability measures linked to this year’s FSA test.
For months, we parents, teachers, students, school personnel and administration have expressed numerous concerns regarding the new Florida Standards Assessments (FSA). Our concerns have been overlooked and now, we have little, if any, faith left in the remainder of this year’s tests.

The first week of testing proved that the state moved too quickly to administer this high-stakes test. Many issues occurred during week one, and many issues remain. For example:

1) Software glitches prevented many students and test administrators from logging onto the system, causing many districts to temporarily suspend the testing.
2) A significant percentage of students were not able to complete the testing because of technical issues.
3) Hundreds of Central Florida’s students taking the writing portion of the ELA exam had their essays lost. Some have been recovered, but not all.
4) A so-called cyber attack late in week one of the test resulted in some “white screens” when students logged in, further disrupting testing.
5) The online system momentarily stopped during testing for some students, making them fear their essays had been lost. Some work reappeared. Some vanished.
6) Was the test compromised? Some students were able to log onto the exam and read the question, known as a “prompt.” Others were not. Days later, when testing resumed, were the students who were able to read the prompt able to prepare their answers, causing the test to be compromised?
7) With the computer-based reading and math testing starting in April, tests that are more interactive (computer maneuvering needed) than the writing test, students with limited exposure to technology will be at a disadvantage.

Current state policies based on this year’s FSA test results include retaining 3rd graders who do not pass the test; withholding graduation from high school for 10th grade students who do not pass the language arts exam; state grades for public schools; and teacher evaluations.

Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee took one small step in the direction of common sense: it amended CS/SB 616 (Education Accountability) so as to unlink 3rd grade promotion and high school graduation from this year’s FSA test results. At the same time, the amended bill provides for the notification of parents whose children perform poorly so that they can better work with teachers and school administrators to boost learning in the coming year.

CS/SB 616 will be heard April 1 on the Senate floor, where it can be amended once again. The Executive Board of Miami Dade County PTA/PTSA does not believe that accountability should be derived from the results of a single test, particularly one whose implementation has been so flawed.

We respectfully call upon the Senate to take the next step–the right step. While informing parents, teachers, and school administrators of FSA results when they become available, suspend all accountability measures based on 2014-2015 student performance.

GENERAL PTA MEETING : Wednesday March 4th @ 8:30am


Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

We will be having our General PTA Meeting this Wednesday at 8:30am in the school cafeteria, as always we would like to invite you all to attend. During our PTA General meetings we discuss many topics that relate to our school and go over fundraising results, budgets, needs and wants, upcoming events and any other additional items on the agenda. Coming to our meetings is the best way to keep yourself informed.

We are currently looking for new members to join our team for the next school year, if you or someone you know is interested please reach out to one of our Board Members for more information.

Look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday!

The proof is in the pudding…see the excitement and the amazing time the students had at the Fun Run Event yesterday!

Thank you parents! FUNRUN was a total success!

Team Ada Merritt Parent Lions –
Your attendance at this event was overwhelming!! (Now, we know how to get you to our PTA Meetings.Smiley)
Our kids were beyond excited at this event, and determined to complete 35 laps!
See the pictures here and on our
This over-the-top event has brought in pledges from 21 countries and 27 states, and is just a few steps away from reaching our goal.
SmileyNow…We Need to Make Our Pledges Come to Life!
– Pledges are due Feb 5th , and you can still receive new pledges until then.  
– Please reach out to those that have pledged (email, Facebook, twitter, phone calls, text)
– Let them know how many laps your child has completed, and
– they can complete their donation.
*Please note -Sponsors will not receive an update email from Boosterthon. Boosterthon gives parents the first chance to contact Sponsors.
Ways to Complete Their Donation
– Sponsors can go back to the original confirmation email, and click the link to pay by credit card
– Send a check – Payable to Ada Merritt PTA
– Cash
*Students received envelopes today.
Here are some final pledge stats:
  • States: 27
  • Countries: 21
  • Participation:  90%
  • Log on Percentage: 90%
  • # of Pledges:  84%
  • Top Class: Hernandez  ($150/lap) Congrats!

Thank you again for all you do, and we hope you continue to use the Community Rocks Leadership Skills! 

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Parents –
The excitement continues, and students are getting ready for the FUNRUN. Click here to see what they learned today.
“Amplify Others – The Power to make others stronger with your words.”

The pledges are coming in from all over the world. Family and Friends from all over can pledge a flat amount or a per lap. The flat amount can be any amount big or small ($5). Just make sure they select the flat donation box.
The FUNRUN Team will be at the school each day to answer any questions. Tomorrow they will start in the cafeteria.

68% Registered on, and 43% have pledged

Middle School
28% Registered on, and 12% have pledged


Please note- This is a fundraiser for our Technology Bundle, and to support Ada Merritt K-8 Center. Each student will participate in the FUNRUN regardless of amount of pledges.

Community hours have been authorized for Middle School; 2 pledges = 1 hour up to a max of 5 hours.



Thank you for supporting our school.




Boostherton Pledge Codes….don’t delay register your kids today!

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ADA Codes.middle-page-0

Letter to parents 2015-page0001


Boosterthon is coming to Ada Merritt… click to watch videos!

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Miami Dade County School Board Meeting – January 14th @ 4:30pm – come join us!


Dear Parents,

Is Security Important for you? Would you like to come and raise your voice to help make a difference?

Security at our school has always been a priority and given the recent events in the area we feel there is no better time like the present to voice our concerns and find solutions.

“We are requesting police presence at Riverside park
used by Ada Merritt K-8 Center daily.”

If yes !

Click on this link and fill out the pdf form. , this form is a request to appear in front of the School Board during their January 14th meeting.  Strength is in numbers so I hope you can join us!

1-      Form can be faxed to 305-995-1151,confirm receipt at 305-995-1198
2-      Or  turn it in to Laura Paret at school. In the morning and dismissal.
3-      Send via email to before January 12th @ noon.
4-      Deadline to submit the form is Monday January 12th @ 4:30pm,  
all forms emailed to Laura will be submitted before the deadline
5-      If you would like to address the board you will get a total of 2 minutes if you do not wish to speak you may just come to support us and listen to the quorum.

WEDNESDAY, January 14th at  4:30PM
1450 NE 2nd Ave. room 158
Miami, FL 33132

In agenda topic please write “request for police presence at Riverside park used by Ada Merritt K-8 Center daily.”

We look forward to seeing you there!