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Parents –
The excitement continues, and students are getting ready for the FUNRUN. Click here to see what they learned today. https://www.facebook.com/adamerrittptamiami
“Amplify Others – The Power to make others stronger with your words.”

The pledges are coming in from all over the world. Family and Friends from all over can pledge a flat amount or a per lap. The flat amount can be any amount big or small ($5). Just make sure they select the flat donation box.
The FUNRUN Team will be at the school each day to answer any questions. Tomorrow they will start in the cafeteria.

68% Registered on FunRun.com, and 43% have pledged

Middle School
28% Registered on FunRun.com, and 12% have pledged


Please note- This is a fundraiser for our Technology Bundle, and to support Ada Merritt K-8 Center. Each student will participate in the FUNRUN regardless of amount of pledges.

Community hours have been authorized for Middle School; 2 pledges = 1 hour up to a max of 5 hours.



Thank you for supporting our school.